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January 29, 2012

Yushchenko: Heroes of Kruty gave the nation an example of selfless service to the Ukrainian deed

Leader of "Our Ukraine", the President of Ukraine (2005-2010) Viktor Yushchenko spoke to the Ukrainians on the occasion of 94th anniversary of the Battle of Kruty.

"Today we commemorate the heroism of the Ukrainian youth, who died in an unequal battle near Kruty, defending with arms the Ukrainian state. Then, in cold January 1918 these young boys, gave the nation an example of selfless service to the Ukrainian deed", said Yushchenko. "Due to that deed, which made Ukrainian patriots near Kruty, rapid advance of Russian troops was delayed to the capital of the UPR. And, the most important, this battle has inexpressible value in steeling Ukrainian national spirit. You can safely say that if there was no Kruty, resistance movement in the 20s, 30s and 40s of 20th century would be different", the leader of “Our Ukraine” thinks.

According to him, on that day near Kruty young boys performed their duty and combat mission to suspend offensive enemy on that sector of the front.

"Today the greatest threat to Ukrainian statehood, as in the Ukrainian People's Republic, is a threat of internal discord. That is why the task of all Ukrainian patriotic forces in this situation is not to find out who is the first in opposition among them, but to unite for joint actions in defense of the Ukrainian essence of our country", Yushchenko thinks.

The only question is whether today's Ukrainian politicians, who consider themselves as patriots, are ready to fulfill their duty to the end.

"Only by joint action, only in unity around national values and interests we can achieve the noble goal – the building of a strong, free and fair Ukraine, equal among equals in the community of European counterparts. Exactly that may be the best contribution to the memory of the heroes of Kruty today ", he emphasized.

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