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December 30, 2011

Vannykova: Freedom can’t be destroyed by the decree

Spokeswoman of the former President of Ukraine Iryna Vannykova stresses that freedom cannot be destroyed by cancelling the decree on the celebration of Freedom Day.

She said in the commentary to UNIAN about the President Viktor Yanukovych to transfer the Freedom Day celebration from November to January and unification of this holiday celebration with the Day of Unity.

According to her, in fact, the point is the actual cancellation of the Freedom holiday. "Authorities cover by the combination of the two holidays in one day, but its doubtful justification, because the Day of Unity and Freedom Day are two historically different holidays. If the Day of Unity is celebrated on the basis of historical events, the Freedom Day is more the holiday of spirit, which can not be destroyed by the cancellation of decree», - emphasized Vannykova.

Yushchenko's spokeswoman stressed that freedom is n the soul of every Ukrainian, and therefore can not be destroyed, by simple cancellation of the decree on the celebration of this date.

"If in this year there weren’t so many people at the Independence Square on 22 November, you will see the number of Ukrainians that will go to Maidan next year to protest over the cancellation of the decree", she said.

Vannykova called symbolic that the cancellation of the decree on Freedom Day coincides with the transfer of the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was one of the symbols of the Maidan, to prison. "The government in this way demonstrates its weakness", said the spokeswoman of Yushchenko.

She stressed that cancellation of the Yushchenko’s decrees, by the Tymoshenko’s imprisonment current government shows that the only thing it is able is to destroy, limit, imprison, cancel but not to create for the benefit of the good people, to develop, etc.

"That is the government of destruction, not creation. The government is afraid of the Maidan, because even the tree, which was started to install exactly on the Freedom Day, looks like a mockery of Ukrainian citizens”, - said Vannykova, suggesting the current government to remember that people in many countries, including Moscow, go to squares to protest, despite the bans.

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