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December 5, 2011

Vannykova: Statement of Kravchuk offends the choice of Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian history

Statement of the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk about his colleague - the third President Viktor Yushchenko is incorrect.

About that said the spokesman of Viktor Yushchenko, a member of the political assembly of "Our Ukraine" Iryna Vannykova in the commentary to UNIAN, speaking of the Leonid Kravchuk’s interview to radio "Svoboda".

"In my opinion, it is unsuitable of the first President of Ukraine, who I respect as a historical figure, to descend to the level of rhetoric, emotional and subjective assessments of his colleague – the President Viktor Yushchenko," - she emphasized.

Vannykova stated that now she would rather not list all the positives of five Yushchenko's presidency years, as she also considers inappropriate to mention all the problems and challenges of President Kravchuk.

"President Yushchenko was chosen by the millions of Ukrainians, as, indeed, at one time also was Leonid Kravchuk. When the first President offends third President - he offends choice of Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian history. Unfortunately, sometimes the human dimension in the approach to the assessment of history makes it impossible to assess the true extent of historical events. I mean Orange Maidan and its leader - Viktor Yushchenko,"- said his spokesman.

As it is known, in an interview with radio "Svoboda" Leonid Kravchuk said: "Yushchenko is such a President as I am a chicken. I didn’t go to Maidan, because I knew they were chatterboxes. I told, but they did not believe me... people can be deceived very easily. Viktor Yushchenko is a normal person, he is just abnormal President. Not everybody can be a President. He accidentally was elected as a President. As a person he is normal. He, for instance, declared Ukrainian slogans, he told about the famine. He told about the language, he spoke about the European choice. He told and believed in that. But he wasn’t able to do that.

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