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November 26, 2011

Address by Viktor Yushchenko in the memory of Holodomor victims

Dear compatriots!

We commemorate the 78th anniversary of the Holodomor - Genocide in Ukraine.

Human soul always needs heat.

Our consciousness is lonely. Death is lonely.

But soul needs heat, as a part of God, people, family, love.

We have lived for a very long time not realizing that the part of our soul is under Arctic Ocean.

This part of our soul is the victims of Holodomor and millions of our compatriots, destroyed by empires of hate our and our own hostility.

The wise men of different nations tell us to forget the history, think about the future.

Others say: your tragedy is great, but everyone suffered, so «From Moldavian to Finn all silent are in all their tongues».

And the malice prompts: there was nothing. You were not. You are not and will not be.

This is the voice of the Arctic Ocean. There is no heat, only cold space.

But we are.

Our soul and truth are inseparable, neither in time nor in space.

And no ice will win our heat.

And no stranger’s "measure" and no stranger’s truth will replace our Ukrainian world and light.

I admire anyone who pays the tribute today to victims of hunger blight in 1932-33.

Your heat is the greatest strength of our people.

I bow to everyone who made a personal act to restore the truth about the Holodomor genocide and our innocent brothers and sisters.

I feel deep gratitude to the people who agree with us in memory of the tragedy and in evaluation of the genocide.

The truth about the Holodomor genocide continues to spread around the world, and there is no sinister power that is able to get in the way of it.

A candle in your hands and your windows is not a ritual.

This is a deep moral obligation of honest people.

This is ray of heat, which testifies before the Lord that we are a nation that is looking for and has a right of a happy life.

In my personal prayer I ask for forgiveness and purification to free our land from the occupation of darkness, from demons of internal discord. I ask the Lord to give us strength to return to our sacred places.

I believe that this day will come.

Glory to Ukraine!

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