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November 22, 2011

Viktor Yushchenko: Freedom Day gives us an example of how to act

On November 22 we celebrate the Freedom Day, which is one of the most prominent events in the history of our nation.

Seven years ago the Ukrainian people came out in defense of their inalienable right to be free people who independently elect and change the authorities.

The main author of the Orange Revolution was the Ukrainian people. Freedom Day belongs to the millions of common people who had the personal courage to speak out against authoritarianism.
I am sure that the Orange Revolution has a universal meaning for all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of party affiliation and political opinion.

The Orange Revolution has global significance because, as an example of a large-scale civil feat, it is one of the outstanding events of human history.

The importance of our Ukrainian Day of Freedom is not reducing.

Today against us, Ukrainian citizens, are the same challenges that have caused the Maidan in 2004 have returned: authoritarian government, the attack on the rights of citizens and businesses, extortion of the officials, censorship of the media, harassment of political opponents and bald preparation to the election fraud.

On Freedom Day we warn the authorities that their possibilities are not unlimited

I speak to each Ukrainian citizen, regardless of origin, religion or political opinion, to note our common civic freedom and stand up together to defend common rights.

The essence of Freedom Day is not the memories. Its essence is a value by free life for which we should join today.

It all depends on millions of Ukrainian citizens. There is no authority which would be able to ignore our common will to live in a democratic country.

Freedom Day gives us an example of how to act.

I am proud of this day and believe that its values will unite the Ukraine again.

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