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February 1, 2011

"Our Ukraine" and "Memorial" (Society) will present the electronic version of the museum exhibition "People's War"

On Monday, February 7, at 12 o'clock in Vasyl Stus Kyiv organization "Memorial" (6a Stelmakh St.) will be the presentation of the electronic version of the museum exhibition "People's War" and the website People's War created by the Kyiv organization "Memorial" with the political party "Our Ukraine" and assistance of the Institute of the President Viktor Yushchenko.

The virtual museum contains approximately of 70,000 pages of unique, unknown until now to scientists, archival documents relating to the national liberation struggle of Ukrainian people in 1917-1932, which previously were in the central state and branch archives of the Security Service of Ukraine of 18 regions.

The presentation will be attended by the President of Ukraine (2005 -2010), the leader of "Our Ukraine" Viktor Yushchenko and the Chairman of political council of "Our Ukraine" Valentyn Nalyvaychenko. To participation in the presentation are invited prominent cultural and public figures, including Eugene Sverstiuk, Anatoly Palamarenko, Dmytro Hnatiuk, Mykhailo Doroshenko, Oksana Zabuzhko, Mykhailo Kulczynski, Petro Yushchenko, Lilia Grygorovych and representatives of the international and public organizations.

The presentation program provides communication with the participants in the form of "round table".
Accreditation for the media is by call: 590 57 05

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