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Ukrainians in the world

Tasks of the project

  • Organization of research work on the figures in Ukrainian history and personalities of world civilization that were born in Ukraine.
  • Organization of continuous publishing process for educational purpose, promotion of researches on prominent figures and their works.
  • Organization of cooperation with foreign-born Ukrainians to study archives, particular documents, works of prominent compatriots.
  • Cooperation with the Ukrainian Diaspora in a form of broad cultural, educational, artistic and scientific events.
  • Organization of collaboration with museums, libraries, archives, artistic unions in Ukraine to support the project "Ukrainians in the world."
  • Preparation of printed products and tourist routes related to the project "Ukrainians in the world" to EURO 2012.
  • Assistance in the preparation of periodicals, popular science articles, radio and television programs, documentary and science films on historical themes.
  • To support the spiritual revival of the Ukrainian nation, formation of the patriotic beliefs of younger generation, education of children and youth by the examples of famous compatriots.
  • Promotion of a positive international image of Ukraine.