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Civil Liberties and the Rule-of-law

Project tasks:

  • The right of choice protection.
  • Strengthening the independence of the judicial authority.
  • Promotion of the continued development and strengthening of civil society.
  • The legal guarantee of civil rights and liberties.
  • Continuous monitoring of constitutional rights and freedoms implementation and guarantees in Ukraine.
  • Opposition to torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
  • Proposal development of civil society’s effective forms of state control, strengthening civilian and democratic control over armed forces and the security sector in general.
  • Freedom of speech support as a natural political right in a democratic society. Improving the legal mechanisms to ensure freedom of thought, speech and press, free expression of opinion and beliefs and access to information.
  • Conducting all-opinion and expert polls on freedom of speech. Foreign experience in freedom of speech protection studies .
  • Strengthening the unity of the Ukrainian society: ethnic and interfaith tolerance.
  • The “Community Ombudsman” project.