— «People can be united by the awareness of national identity. When we are united it is easy to talk about culture, economy, politics»


Foreign Policy and National Security

  • Development of recommendations for government policy in order to respond to the challenges of sovereignty and national interests.
  • Bringing Ukraine into the EU: Association Agreement, FTA.Ukraine's accession to Euro-Atlantic security system.
  • Promoting public awareness of NATO.Acknowledgment of Ukraine as a key contributor to regional stability and security.
  • Increase of Ukraine's contribution to international cooperation on conflict resolution and peacekeeping.
  • Strategic partnership: EU, USA, Poland. Building an atmosphere of trust and establishing equal and mutually beneficial relationship with Russia. Development of pragmatic relationswith Romania, Belarus and Moldova.
  • People's diplomacy and the development of intergovernmental relations of Ukraine within the framework of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM.
  • To monitor the authorities for their compliance with the national interests of Ukraine.
  • Development and implementation of informational and educational programs that explain the European choice as a guarantee of freedom and independence of Ukraine.
  • Contribution for foreign investments into Ukrainian economy.
  • Promotion of Ukraine's reputation as a reliable partner in European energy transitions.
  • Popularization of Ukraine's achievements in science, technology and art.
  • Assistance in the recognition of Holodomor in 1932-1933 as genocide against Ukraine.
  • Supporting international community’s efforts to combat international terrorism and crime, illicit trafficking of arms and drugs, human trafficking.

As part of an international program of the Institute of Viktor Yushchenko such projects will be provided in 2011:

  • "Ukraine: security at risk (ways of overcoming the security crisis in Ukraine)"
  • "Eurocentrism or Eurasianism: civilizational choice for Ukraine"
  • "Russia: “strategic partner” or the biggest challenge (in search of a possible balance of interests)"
  • Publication of the analytical materials by the topics of the realized projects.