— «Economy is conclusive; to achieve success it is necessary to solve the strategic problem - the making of a nation»



  • To support initiatives of "middle class" organizations.
  • Study of "unpopular" reforms experience in Central and Eastern Europe, the intellectual and informational analytical support of such reforms by NGOs.
  • Assessment of trends in the Ukrainian economy from the perspective of European choice.
  • To promote competitiveness and innovativeness of the Ukrainian economy.
  • Promotion of institutional environment that stimulates business activity and economic growth by structural reforms and innovations, modern social infrastructure formation and mechanisms of the social market economy.
  • Assistance in economic and structural reforms taking into account recommendations of World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other international institutions, including measures to promote effective privatization, fighting corruption and improving transparency in government procurement.
  • Intellectual support of land and agrarian reforms process.
  • To improve the legal framework for the inviolability of property rights, rights of foreign and domestic investors.
  • Promotion of international cooperation on economic reforms in Ukraine.
  • Proposals development of feedback to the energy security challenges and elaboration of alternative energy sources in Ukraine.