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Humanitarian Policy

One of the main tasks of the Institute of Viktor Yushchenko is to develop adequate to the present challenges national model of Ukraine modernization from the perspective of humanitarian development, European integration and democratization of Ukrainian society that is on the basis of an atmosphere of social dialogue, tolerance, mutual trust, the rise of ideological, political and civil culture formation.

The first direction of the Institute activities is defined as a "National social policy of Ukraine." This definition incorporates issues of national renaissance in culture and art, the language issue, the problem of cultural heritage preservation, joining the European cultural space, the prospects for the modernization of national culture, etc.

In order to form a holistic framework for national humanitarian policy of Ukraine in 2011 it is planned by the Institute to organize such round tables as:

  • "Actualization of cultural heritage, preservation of ethnic and cultural identity as a factor of national culture modernization "
  • "Formation of promising language and cultural policy and historical memory policy models, and a system of their implementation"
  • "Ways, forms and practices that promote the culture of interethnic and interfaith understanding"
  • "The problem of inheritance in the Ukrainian culture and forms of its imperial expropriation"
  • "Ukrainian cinema. International formats to get out of the crisis "
  • "Protection of national cultural space"
  • "Mass Culture as a modern ideological weapon."

Recommendations will be prepared on the basis of delivered proposals in order to build a single informational language and cultural environment in Ukraine.